“Kate is a reliable, fast, detail-oriented editor and proofreader with the unique ability to handle just about any subject matter you hand to her. Smart, knowledgeable, and a language and grammar guru, you cannot get a better proofreader or editor.”

Jennifer Pierce, Singular IQ Consulting

I offer editing services ranging from proofreading to line editing. I am primarily a copy editor, correcting your text for style, flow, clarity, grammar, and spelling. Most of my contracts have involved working with the Chicago Manual of Style, but I am also comfortable editing to APA or AP styles.

I’ve worked with a variety of materials: web copy, mobile app UI text, business reports and proposals, academic papers at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and book-length fiction and non-fiction.

If you are looking for an editor for your manuscript, whether you need critical feedback on content or just a last, fresh pair of eyes to look for minor errors before publishing, drop me an email and I will give you a bid on your project. My rates are flexible and dependent on writing quality, subject matter, contract length, and the level of editing required.


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